Analytics in marketing has grown beyond tracking and analyzing the performance of daily activities. It now plays a pivotal role in deciphering customer preferences and trends. We measure all vital elements of marketing to deliver valuable and actionable insights on marketing channels, campaigns, and audience.  With analytics, we not only help create hyper-personalized experiences for your consumer but also build robust, data-driven marketing strategies and roadmaps for your brand in sync with your business decisions. With our reports and dashboards, we help you identify where your marketing budget be more focused to optimize marketing effectiveness and maximize ROI.

Why Data-Driven Marketing Matters?


marketers cannot measure and report the impact of marketing on the business


increase in marketing ROI is lost by companies who don’t put data at the center of their marketing and sales decisions


chances of being profitable for companies who adopt data-driven marketing strategies


marketers believe speed (ability to execute campaigns quickly) is one of the major impacts of data-driven marketing

Our Reports & Dashboards Keep You On Top Of What Matters And Help You Make Right Decisions At The Right Time To Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing analytics help you measure and re-align your initiatives to get the desired outcome of your efforts.
  • We help you track and gain actionable insights on various parameters, such as content performance, campaign performance, lead analytics & pipeline, prospects analytics, customer analytics, conversions, marketing spend and cost analysis, and more.

We help you find answers to:

    • How do you stack up against the competition?
    • Are you allocating resources properly?
    • How many qualified leads/sales are you generating per month?
    • How much revenue is marketing contributing to the top line?
    • Who are your most valuable customers?

Channel Analytics

Channel Analytics
  • Channel analytics allow you to deep-dive into the performance of your digital channels to decipher what’s working and what’s not.
  • We help you decide the right channel mix to maximize results and optimize the usage of your channels to amplify your brand value.

We help you find answers to:

    • Which channels are your leads coming from?
    • Which channel has the highest customer conversion rate?
    • Which channel has the highest contribution to marketing revenue?
    • What is the cost per lead for various channels?
    • Which channels are my customers most engaging with?

Testing & Conversion Optimization

Testing & Conversion Optimization
  • Conversion optimization rides on a continual data-driven study of consumer behavior, needs, motivation, and purchase triggers across the buying journey, and is fueled by various testing methods such as A/B testing, multivariate testing, hypothesis testing, and more.
  • Our conversion optimization techniques for websites and other relevant online touchpoints focus on delivering two critical results: improve customer experience and increase conversions.
  • Various elements such as design, content, CTAs, placement, forms, websites, emailers, social posts, landing pages, and campaigns, etc. are optimized to create experiences customized to the needs of different audience segments.

Marketing Data Management Consulting Services

Marketing Data Management Consulting Services
  • Effective Marketing Data Management depends on identifying and determining which metrics and data points to focus on. However, disparate data systems, databases, and scores of data add to the complexities.
  • We study your business setup, goals, impediments, and industry best practices to recommend a robust marketing data management strategy for your organization.
  • We help identify the critical success factors, KPIs to measure, and data-points to focus on.
  • We recommend the apt tools, processes, and technologies needed to collect, organize, standardize and analyze data, and share the derived intelligence.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting
  • Our custom reporting services answer complex marketing queries unique to your business.
  • Our services include in-depth reporting on the competitive landscape, revenue, ROI, traffic, channels, milestones, events, etc. to address your specific needs.
  • Our custom reports, tailored to your needs and delivered at your desired frequency and format, keep your multiple stakeholders updated on various parameters, such as customer satisfaction index, channels contributing towards marketing ROI, marketing roadmaps, campaigns generating best customers, and more.

Track what matters. Measure what moves. Review what happens. Get actionable insights into what's working and what's not to plan your next step.

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