Email is the oldest yet one of the most potent weapons in any marketer’s arsenal. Its lower cost of production and deployment ensures better ROI when compared to other online channels. Our expertise in business storytelling, our ability to correctly determine customer needs, our data management & web analytics skills, our conversion optimization techniques, and our capability to develop highly customized communication plans for our clients make our email marketing services quite effective and result-driven.


We are experts in creating hyper-personalized, super-segmented, and highly targeted one-on-one communications using the email channel to better engage with your customers.

Why Email Marketing Matters?


more effective for customer acquisition than Facebook & Twitter combined


consumers use mobile to check emails


higher conversion rates for email as compared to other channels


ROI for every $1 spent - emails have the highest ROI of any marketing channel

Our Email Marketing Services Help You Articulate Your Messaging, And Reach And Engage The Right Audience At The Right Time

Email Audit & Benchmarking

  • We audit your existing email campaigns in full detail – content, design, subject lines, offers, CTAs, send times, and other performance metrics – to determine the success factors and gain insights for continual improvement.
  • Our keen analyses of your competitors’ email programs and the sectoral best practices help establish key benchmarks that fuel the email marketing strategies and sustained optimization.

Email Marketing Strategy & Goals

  • We create a comprehensive data-driven email marketing strategy for your business, clearly defining the target audience, content & subscription strategy, email calendar & frequency, and lead management.
  • We develop relevant buyer personas, chart out the buying journey, and identify communication pegs for each buying stage.
  • We determine when and what emails are to be sent and how leads will progress down the marketing funnel, while complying with SPAM regulations such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR.

End-To-End Email Campaign Management

  • We function as your outsourced email production house, creating email copies and design, building template libraries, segmenting lists, testing and scheduling emails, conducting in-depth analytics and closed-loop reporting.
  • We improve key email performance metrics, such as open & click rates, and drive desired consumer actions, such as conversions and purchases, by adopting data-backed best practices on subject lines, designs, content, CTA placements, and optimal send times, etc.

Drips, Trigger-Based, and Nurture Campaigns

  • Emails significantly influence customer engagement with a brand. We help design custom email drips and action-triggered emails to onboard new subscribers, welcome new customers or engage new leads that either downloaded a content asset or performed the desired action.
  • We create modular, multi-level, behavior-based nurture workflows to deliver targeted, relevant content and experiences to keep your prospects engaged throughout their buying journey.

Marketing Automation

  • We have in-house expertise on a wide variety of marketing automation systems and we can recommend, configure and deploy the best-fit marketing technologies based on your business setup and needs.
  • With marketing automation, we deliver compelling email and on-website experiences based on data-driven strategies to keep prospects engaged and drive them towards closure.

Reporting & Analytics

  • We deep-dive into the performance of your email campaigns to understand its success with your target audience.
  • We measure and analyze all the main email metrics – open & click rates, click-to-open rates, subscribers, unsubscribes, bounces, etc. – to determine the impact of email marketing on conversions and sales.
  • We use A/B & multivariate testing methods to identify top performing email recipes. Resultant insights and learnings help optimize and improve the existing strategy and execution.

Use Email Marketing to supercharge your customer outreach and engagement

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