Who Are We?

We are the experts in striking the right balance between the art & science of digital marketing. And, we do one thing even better: Driving marketing ROI.

We are a full-service, integrated digital marketing consulting & services firm that specializes in business storytelling, business & thought-leadership content development, creative visuals/design, SEO/SEM, web-leads generation, social media management, website development & management, marketing automation & technologies integration, and marketing analytics.



Digital Marketing is a confluence of the art and science of making your brand popular on the Internet. It’s as simple as that. It’s no dark art that needs to be deciphered. It is, rather, the upgrade on the conventional methods of branding, marketing, and customer outreach. The core difference is the newfound measurability that digital platforms allow. The skill lies in how to bring it all together, work the magic, and measure the ROI.

  • Our foremost step to successful Digital Marketing approach is to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of your business context.
  • We begin with extensive research to determine the factors that influence your market and business, along with a study of your competition and customer landscape.
  • We strongly believe that digital marketing cannot be just about creating marketing strategies or executing sales-support tactics. It’s rather about being aligned with your organizational goals and solving the business problems. Hence, we adopt a consultative approach with all our clients.
  • On the supply chain of the digital marketing function, we collaborate with the management and key stakeholders of your organization to articulate the brand voice and the nuances of storytelling as the bedrock of branding and content marketing initiatives.
  • With content as the cornerstone of our digital marketing approach, we develop a strategic and tactical blueprint for digital platforms to ensure increased searchability of your brand and amplification of its voice to attract and engage your consumers and prospects.
Business Storytelling
integrated approach to content, search, and social media marketing
  • For digital marketing to succeed, your content and channels should never work in silos. Hence, we adopt an integrated approach to content, search, and social media marketing.
  • We map this approach to your consumer’s buyer journey and then create a relevant digital marketing subsystem that mimics your sales funnel, while working with you closely to continuously develop relevant content.
  • At TOFU (top-of-the-funnel), we cast the net wide to attract visitors with content marketing and outreach campaigns across all the relevant and available digital channels.
  • At MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel), we use your thought-leadership and buyer’s need-specific content to instill further confidence about your brand to convert the visitors into prospects. Your pre-sales/sales team engage and convert the qualified leads into customers.
  • At BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel), we help institutionalize a comprehensive customer advocacy program where we help engage and encourage consumers to become your brand evangelists.
  • Using marketing technologies and automation, we keep a close track on all the relevant deliverables to determine actionable insights. It enables us to measure success or course-correct, if need be, and ensure that we help deliver the marketing ROI.

Don't just hire an agency. Get yourself a Digital Marketing partner who drives Marketing ROI.