Humans breathe oxygen.

Businesses, presentations.

Humans breathe oxygen.

Businesses, presentations

Think about it. You are meeting prospect to talk about your services. You need a deck. Launching a product? It all starts with that rectangular box you put on a blank slide. Got a project meeting with your boss? You guessed it – Present! 

Presentations come at the top on the stress scale surpassing singing in public and confronting lions. There’s research to display, data to prove, points to make, and a story to tell in any presentation. And then there’s the visualization to get to. People judge sloppy presentations faster than nosy neighbours.

There’s the internet off course. But the best templates are locked behind payment gateways, and the others look like they have come straight out of MS Office 95.

Well, we want to help. We are sailors on the same boat in a sea of slides. So we have a FREE Presentation Kit with 115 slides for a range of presentation needs. 

How to get the Presentation Kit

Its simple. Subscribe to our blog below and we will send you the kit. It contains the following:

1. 115 customizable/editable slides that can be adapted to your brand colors.

2. Icon set with over 500 editable vector icons.

3. Instruction manual on how to customize the icons and graphics in the template.

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