Four. Quattro. Cuatro. Quatre. The significance of this number dawned on us about four months before we rolled out our new company.

Till then, we were unassumingly preoccupied with the scores of tasks that needed our undivided attention to keep this mammoth Digital Marketing engine running at the organization we earlier worked at. Every single day.

The four of us were at the helm of the global marketing & communications department at one of the fastest growing firms in its sector. Each one of us had our expertise, respectively, in the four fundamental building blocks of a successful digital marketing strategy – content, search, social, and data. Here, we collaborated to create the seamless marketing assembly line and supply chain that produced unprecedented results for the organization.

As we inched to the last quarter of 2017, our combined efforts attracted relevant global traffic through search and social, and funneled it into the web-inquiries engine. It went from yielding revenue of a little above $150,000 per annum three years ago to being just shy of a million dollars, come Christmas. All, through the form-fills on the website.

We knew that there has always been a huge demand among the marketing decision-makers and management for a potent combination of four key basics to drive marketing ROI – articulate their brand stories better, get found on the Internet, engage fruitfully with consumers of their offerings at the digital waterholes, and gain actionable insights from the ensuing data.

Most of the digital marketing service providers excelled at one or some of these areas but were found significantly short of closing the loop, integrating the efforts across these four pillars in their own individual capacity and building on top of that.

We decided to combine our skills and provide a wholesome marketing-services offering to organizations of all shapes, sizes, and needs. The four of us. The four of marketing’s core elements. We called us the Quad. And, we considered us the Prodigy, albeit a tad tongue-in-cheek. The brand name? Quite naturally, QUADIGY.